The Top 9 Enticing Teeth Brushing Apps For Kids

More than 64% of American kids visit the dentist every six months.

Dental health is critical for children. Good habits now can help them to avoid many problems that result from poor oral health, including gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay.

Kids need to brush their teeth at least twice a day to prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria that will cause tooth decay. Some kids don’t like to brush their teeth because they find it boring, or because they are sensitive.

Many parents recommend teeth brushing apps that get kids motivated to attend to care for their dental hygiene. Which apps are the best, and how do they work?

Let’s take a look.

1. Brush DJ

This app plays two minutes of music shuffled from your iPad, iPod, or phone so kids can brush for the recommended amount of time.

Additional features include animated videos on how to brush and floss your teeth and reminders for your next dental visit. Kids can also set up reminders for brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash.

2. Brush Up

Brush Up is a game that allows you to use your phone camera as a mirror so kids can watch themselves brush. After brushing properly, kids can earn stars that they will spend on game prizes.

In the Virtual Reality game, you can find Budd and brush his gunky teeth. Kids can become the life-sized hero of the cartoon world inside Budd’s bathroom!

The free version of Brush Up includes prizes, a catchy theme song, and a Magic Mirror that puts kids right on the screen with Budd. If you pay for the premium version, you will get new prizes each month.

3. Disney Magic Timer

Disney, Crest, and Oral B have created Disney Magic Timer in order to make brushing fun. You can download the app from your Google Play store. It is also available on iOS.

As kids brush their teeth, hidden Disney and Marvel characters appear on the screen. Check out princesses, talking animals, fairies, mermaids, and cars. There are twenty-three characters in all.

When kids brush longer, they can win prizes for a magic album. It keeps track of their progress on a calendar and gives kids badges for every milestone they reach. You won’t argue about toothbrushing time again!

4. Aquafresh Brush Time

Brush Time includes a catchy song that kids can brush to for two minutes. The Nurdle videos deliver fun and teach kids valuable brushing techniques. Brush time can be downloaded for free on your Appstore or Google Play.

After kids brush for a full two minutes, they get reward stars that they can use to purchase gear to dress up their Nurdle. This makes it a rewarding game that kids can play alone or talk about with their siblings and friends!

5. Tiny Dentist

Tiny Dentist is available on Google Play and iTunes. It turns your device into a dental office. Children get to learn about different instruments and treatments so they will not be scared or confused during their next trip to the dentist.

Your child will have friendly interactions with different patients and dental problems. There is a kid-friendly interface that makes being a little dentist fun and exciting.

6. Chomper Chums

Chomper Chums is an oral hygiene app available on Google Play or iTunes. It simulates tooth brushing, using mouthwash, and flossing.

Chomper Chums uses three cuddly animal characters to help promote oral health. Colorful animations reward kids when they brush twice a day for two minutes each session.

7. Heroes of Hygiene

Kids can choose to play Heroes of Hygiene as one of four awesome characters, including Captain Molar, Enamel Girl, Max Floss, or Pearly Whites.

Heroes of Hygiene keeps kids engaged for a full two minutes. It reinforces the importance of visiting the dentist and keeping teeth clean.

8. Toothsavers

The Toothsavers Brushing Game involves ten crazy characters, including a Pirate, dragon, Little Red Riding Hood, and an evil sorceress.

By brushing for two minutes, kids can scrub away the evil sorceress’s wicked spell. Each character comes with its own toothbrushing game and companion video.

9. Brush Teeth With The Wiggles

This app is awesome for very teeny beginner brushers. It features a video of the Wiggles characters and others brushing their teeth to keep kids motivated.

The free app also has a timer and the ability to add more kids so each of your children can earn their own rewards.

Brushing Tips And Tricks

Technology has given us a great way to encourage kids to brush their teeth A healthy habit of tooth-brushing that starts as soon as kids get their first teeth will give them a great foundation for oral hygiene throughout their lives.

You can make tooth brushing fun for reluctant brushers by taking them to the drug store and allowing them to pick out their own toothbrush and paste.

Some kids might be motivated by a reward chart if they stick with a daily brushing routine. You can give prizes like small toys or stickers. Other kids are motivated by a timer or brushing taking place during a commercial break from a family program.

Teeth Brushing Apps

Whatever method you choose, getting your little ones to like brushing their own teeth will be worth any creative effort you had to put in. Charts, games, and teeth brushing apps are great ways to make brushing time exciting and rewarding.

For more information on children’s dental health, contact us today.

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