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Gum Health 101: How to Identify Periodontal Disease Stages

You may think that tooth loss only happens in old age. Yet, did you know that nearly half of US adults over the age of 30 are in one of periodontal disease stages? And periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. You may know periodontal disease by its more common name: gum disease. Gum […]

How to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

When you’d like to raise a family that is healthy and thriving, you can’t overlook dental health. Quality dental health begins by first teaching your kids the proper way to brush. Rather than making it a clinical chore, you will find more success when you add some fun and excitement to it. But how can […]

Tips for Improving Your Dental Health

We all know that toothache is one of the most distracting pains. It is a horrible and agonizing situation you will want to avoid at all costs, as otherwise, your life can end up extremely difficult. Knowing how to focus on your dental health can mean the difference between comfort and losing sleep. For that […]

10 Reasons To Choose Invisalign Over Braces

What if you could make your smile look better than ever? For years, countless people have relied on braces to help them align their teeth. And while braces can do a lot of good, the truth is that they just aren’t as effective as Invisalign. Wondering why you should choose Invisalign over braces? Keep reading to learn […]

What Is Gingivitis? Everything You Need to Know to Prevent This Gum Disease

Around 47.2 per cent of American adults above the age of thirty, have some form of periodontal or gum disease in the United States of America. Gingivitis is one of the most common of these gum diseases. However, with a bit of care, you can prevent this condition or at the very least, reduce your risk of developing […]

The How and Why of Cleaning Your Tongue

Approximately 25 percent of people worldwide struggle with bad breath. Are you part of this group? If so, your tongue cleaning (or lack thereof) could contribute to the problem. Not sure how to clean your tongue? Keep reading. Listed below are some cleaning techniques that will help you to support your tongue health. Why Should You Clean Your Tongue? […]

How to Prevent Your Pearly Whites From Getting Discolored

The teeth whitening industry is a 3.2 billion dollar global industry. We are constantly seeking the newest and best treatments to get that dazzling white smile. What if we are looking at the process the wrong way though? It seems backward to handle the issue of stained teeth after they are already stained, right? Instead, we should be looking […]

7 Common Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt After Flossing

What if taking care of your teeth actually caused more pain? Whenever you visit the dentist, they’ll encourage you to floss every day. Unfortunately, you may discover that your teeth hurt after flossing. But this doesn’t mean you should stop doing it. Instead, it means you must find what’s really causing the pain. Wondering why your own […]

6 Details To Review When Buying Dental Insurance

Did you know two-thirds of Americans have private dental insurance? There are many benefits of having a dental insurance plan. Paying a low payment every month can result in serious dental treatment savings. But understand that all dental insurance plans are different. There are factors that influence all insurance plans, such as deductibles, maximums, and co-insurance. But there […]

The Role Good Oral Hygiene Plays in Overall Health

What if you were damaging your health every day and you didn’t know it? Many people don’t realize the role that oral hygiene plays in their overall health. And if your oral hygiene is bad, you may be jeopardizing the rest of your body. How does oral health tie to overall health, and how can […]