Oral Cancer Screening

Prevent Oral Cancer in Our Maryland Heights Clinic

Happy SmileDuring a comprehensive exam, Dr. Birk will check your mouth and neck for lumps, red and/or white patches, and recurring sores. Oral cancer screenings are highly beneficial because if cancer exists it can be detected early. Oral cancer can affect all areas of the mouth including the gums, tongue, and cheeks. If not detected and treated, it can spread throughout the rest of the body and have fatal results. Early detection is key in all cancers, especially those of the head and neck.

The largest cause of oral cancer are behaviors like smoking and heavy alcohol consumption followed by viruses like HPV. It is suggested that all our patients schedule and attend regular dental appointments so that we can detect oral cancer in its earliest stages.

What our patient says

5 stars
"Best dental visit of my life. Happy, friendly staff and Dr. They were all very informative and made you feel at home."
- Kelley C.
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