Night Guards

Get Your Night Guard in Maryland Heights

Protect Teeth at NightTooth grinding (bruxism) is a major issue for many people. It can lead to many negative effects including excessive wear of your teeth, cracked teeth, or infections due to severe fractures of the teeth. Many times, if excessive grinding is not caught early it can lead to the need for many crowns and a full mouth reconstruction. The normal recommendation for excessive grinding includes wearing a hard acrylic guard at night to reduce the wear and tear on the teeth.

Sometimes children or adults may have bruxism, or teeth grinding, during sleep. This is commonly seen during growth periods or times of stress, and is often minor and may cause little or no issue. In some cases, however, excessive grinding during sleep can lead to chipping or wearing of the teeth or even discomfort or pain in the jaw.

When this occurs, your dentist may advise the use of a custom nightguard to protect your teeth from further damage. A nightguard is a custom-made oral appliance worn over the teeth while sleeping. This prevents the teeth from grinding against one another overnight, which not only protects the teeth from immediate damage but can also serve to help break the unconscious habit of bruxism and protect your teeth from this kind of damage in the future.

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